Iced teas and smoothies

Preparing an iced tea is the best option to refresh yourself when temperatures rise: it is simple and healthy.

Whether you wish to enjoy the best iced tea, choose your favorite infusion. It may be a mixed fruit infusion or a tea. Prepare it as you normally do: boil water and respect the brewing times stated in tea package. It is important that you use the recommended amount of tea in order to obtain the best taste.

After the steep period, add sugar or sweetener to taste and some ice cubes. Stir for a couple of seconds and you’ll have a cold tea!

Add crushed fresh fruit to this infusion, run it all through the blender and you’ll obtain a natural and antioxidant smoothie packed with vitamins and with no added sugars. The perfect drink to hydrate yourself on particularly hot days.

Here you have the ingredients for an iced tea recipe. We chose hibiscus tea:

- 1 cup of water.

- 0.07 oz. of hibiscus tea.

- Ice.

- Water temperature: 212 °F.

- Steep time: 5 minutes.

- Brown sugar or honey to taste.

Iced tea and smoothies