There are many different types of tea available and, besides being delicious, they offer properties that contribute to the wellness of our body.

If green tea is well-known for its depurative and digestive effects, Pu-erh tea claims diuretic qualities that help to lose weight and eliminate fluids. Black tea is an infusion with a high caffeine percentage, whereas white tea in one of the most antioxidant teas and it also has the lowest caffeine content so that it helps your cells to stay young for longer and is perfect for stressful moments.

When you need to start your day with energy, have a black tea with strength and intense flavor. If, on the contrary, you want to relax and pamper yourself, enjoy the delicate threads of a white tea. If you wish to lose weight, start your diet with Pu-erh tea. It will surprise you! To improve poor digestive processes and heartburn, you may drink a green tea after each meal.

Although each variety of tea has some strengthened qualities, they share the essential ones, as they come from the same plant and they only differ in harvesting times and elaboration processes.

You’ll feel better and take better care of yourself if you drink a cup of tea every day, no matter the color you prefer or the benefits you need.

Beneficios del té